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Slim with Cosmina Review: Discover the beauty of a non-invasive facial procedure

Ditch the needle and try Slim with Cosmina’s procedures for a natural-looking, yet more defined facial or body structure.

Cosmetic procedures in Dubai are as common as caviar and truffle dishes in its restaurants. According to the Dubai Health Authority, the city has the highest number of cosmetic surgeons per capita in the region. And while debates on these surgeries rage on, we decided to check out Slim with Cosmina for a less invasive approach.

Slim with Cosmina is an aesthetic clinic focused on non-invasive facial and body slimming treatments. Intrigued by this concept, FACT ventured to the second floor of Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City. With promises of no scars, incisions, or side effects, we were keen to see the magic for ourselves.

After an initial screening process to inform the staff about any illnesses or skin conditions, we were greeted by the expert herself, Cosmina Moldovanu. Her journey into non-surgical fat loss alternatives began in 2011 after she gained 22kg post-hormonal treatment. Determined to find a solution, she researched and experimented with various technologies until she discovered a system that worked.

 Slim with Cosmina

Our session started with a thorough consultation with Cosmina, who guided us based on our needs and lifestyle, advocating for moderation. She assessed the skin and the level of double chin removal needed. The skin’s tightness was also checked to adjust the machine settings accordingly. She explained the procedures in detail, preparing us for the treatments and warning us about potential warm sensations in some areas.

The treatment began with cleansing the treatment area, and the first step involved prepping the skin using a machine with regular stroking methods around the jaw and chin area. This sculpting process, though slightly uncomfortable, was not painful. About 40 minutes later, we were ready to get into more detail.

The next step was focused on double chin removal using high-tech machinery. A device glided over the chin area, radiating heat to treat the layer of fat beneath the skin. This procedure shrinks the fat cells and takes about 45 minutes – depending on the level of treatment. And while the heat was noticeable on thicker fat parts, it was bearable. The procedure was painless, however, for some, the heat could be uncomfortable and Cosmina makes sure that the customer is catered to as they like.

Slim with Cosmina

After the removal, the final step involved draining the melted fat using a suction-like device. With a stroking motion once again, the dissolved or shrunken fat was directed to the draining passages. This would ensure the fat’s natural relief from the body and took another 30 minutes.

Our results with Slim with Cosmina were impressive. An instant change in the double chin area was noticed, with a 35 per cent reduction in fat. Cosmina assured us that the full effects of the treatment would be visible within 72 hours, and she was right, as the structure continued to improve over the next three days. As for the jawline, it appeared more defined as well. While the treatment was worth trying, Cosmina emphasised that maintenance is key. Regular draining of the fat, a good lifestyle, and avoiding activities that promote fat growth are essential to maintain the results.

Slim with Cosmina’s double chin removal and jawline contouring treatments are a fantastic non-invasive option for those looking to enhance your facial structure without going under the knife. The procedures are efficient, with noticeable results after the first session.

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