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Sands of Fortune: Hollywood film will explore Saudi Arabia’s oil industry

The film tells the story of the oil and gas company Aramco.

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s largest oil reserves. If you’ve ever wondered how the Kingdom made its fortunes through oil, then the new Hollywood film, Sands of Fortune, may help. The film tells the story of the oil and natural gas exporting company, Aramco.

Uri Singer, Israeli producer and businessman, announced the project. The script will be written by Bernie Campbell, who lived in Saudi Arabia and wrote for the royal family. The pair met on a trip to the Kingdom’s Red Sea International Film Festival.

Sands of Fortune will showcase the partnership between American geologist Max Steineke and Saudi Arabian Khamis Bin Rimthan. The pair discovered the country’s first oil well in 1938, which is known today as Dammam No. 7. So far, we know that the film will also share how Aramco became the most dominant oil industry in the world.

Max graduated from Stanford University and was known for his adventurous spirit. Khamis was from the Bedouin Al-Amjan tribe – he was an expert at navigating the desert, and would use stars to guide his way.

In an interview with Deadline, Uri shared: “The story of Aramco is a testament to human ingenuity and the incredible impact that a single discovery can have on the world. This is a story that all Saudis know, but I believe the whole world will soon be as intrigued as I was when I first heard about this. We have been working together on this for a while. Bernie is the perfect fit to bring this story to life, especially given his experience on the ground in Saudi.”

Check in with FACT for the latest details.

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