AGORA cocktail bar has debuted at The Dubai EDITION

Helmed by award-winning mixologist Simone Caporale, the new cocktail bar is inspired by the gathering of people in Ancient Greece.

AGORA has only just opened its doors at The Dubai EDITION, but the concept has intrigued us for a while now — earlier this summer, we explored the Greek tradition that inspired this cocktail bar and social club. For the uninitiated, an ‘agora’ was a space in ancient Greek cities that served as a meeting ground for the various activities of citizens, with the name referring to both the assembly of the people as well as the physical setting. Not only was an agora considered a typical feature of social life, but it was also often located in the middle of the city.

Now, in a similar vein, friends and colleagues are invited to gather for a botanical journey in Downtown Dubai, exploring the world of mixology through the lens of Simone Caporale. The world-renowned bartender has curated a revolutionary menu aiming to please the most discerning palates. Promising an appealing mix of unique beverages, the mixologist focuses on seamlessly blending classic techniques with avant-garde elements, resulting in delectable flavours and a deluge of excitement.


With a passion for all things botanical, AGORA is home to a variety of exclusive juniper selections. Presenting gins from all over the globe – from international brands to homegrown distilleries – the ritzy cocktail bar is paving the way for a contemporary twist on the age-old Dutch liquor. It goes beyond the art of drinking, offering an unparalleled social club experience with thoughtfully curated events and gatherings. The coming together of like-minded individuals as they connect and network creates a vibrant community and represents the power of shared experiences and the magic that unfolds when the right people come together in the right place.


As for the venue itself? The setting exudes old-school glamour and understated luxury (think: plush green seating and rustic terracotta chairs) that greets guests after a somewhat unassuming entrance. AGORA opens its doors daily from 6pm until 3am, and is now taking reservations.

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