Dubai’s best bars blossom with a floral takeover

It’s time to experience Flora Adora in all its glory.

Dubai, it’s time to transform your summer sips into an extraordinary garden party. Courtesy of Hendrick’s, the masterminds behind the annual Cucumber Day celebrations, Dubai’s best bars and lounges are joining hands to present a limited-edition floral-inspired takeover that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

Say hello to Flora Adora as these innovators take their expertise to a new level, infusing their concoctions with floral wonders that will transport you to a magical garden with every sip. And they’re calling your name.

This floral bar takeover is happening at some of the best venues across the city. The likes of F.R.N.D.S Grand Cafe, Josette, Hutong, Ginter, Jass Lounge, Jun’s, Urla, and Salmon Guru will jump on the bandwagon and curate unique cocktails that celebrate the essence of Flora Adora. 

Flora Adora

If you’re seeking an extraordinary yet responsible experience, The London Project has your back. They’re not just offering tantalising sips but are going the extra mile to ensure your safety and convenience. The first 50 patrons can enjoy discounted Uber rides to and from the venue. Isn’t that cool?

In fact, The London Project is going above and beyond to make sure you enjoy the complete floral experience. And that’s exactly why they’re inviting you to enjoy a complimentary sample of their exquisite floral-infused creation. Now that’s a temptation no one can resist.

Flora Adora
The London Project

And if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe this will help. It’s transforming its picturesque location on Bluewaters Island into a floral fantasy that you will adora *pun intended*.

Dubai’s bar scene is about to experience a floral transformation like no other. So gather your friends, plan your soirees and make your way to these venues for a summer to remember. The takeover runs until the end of August.

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