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FACT First Look: Tannè is Dubai’s latest luxe tanning salon

FACT’s Hayley Alexander has had a sneak peek behind the scenes to check out the latest Dubai salon you should have on your radar. 

Tannè, as the name suggests, is a new beauty spot in the heart of Jumeirah Golf Estates. It’s a luxe environment where ladies are promised a “feel-good experience offering the ultimate wellness day”. 

Are we in Dubai or Palm Springs? As we arrive at Tannè inside the Andalus Centro, this thought crosses our minds. Mixed with a blend of mid-century modern and desert-inspired elements, Tannè features a pristine white palette with bright pops of primary colours. The natural light beams through glass panels, complementing the sleek interior design of Dubai’s latest luxe tanning salon. The venue features unique and eye-catching furniture pieces that are stylish and sophisticated, capturing the spirit of the California desert. Here, you’ll find slung and sleek soft furnishings, cool posters, and a feel-good bright neon sign that reads ‘Sunshine state of mind.’ It’s everything you could want (and more) for the ‘gram.


This unique and uber-hip space was founded by Jen O’Hagan, and Morgan Kean, and designed by interior designer Laura Jones. With salons at every corner of the city, what differentiates Tannè from the masses is a hand-picked team of trained beauty therapists who know their craft.

Tannè offers non-toxic and 100% custom spray tans from Toronto and top-of-the-range sunbeds from Italy, including an advanced vaporiser that sprays micro drops of water that evaporate when making contact with skin – so fancy. Whilst a glowing tan is not required for all, this salon offers so much more. The owners of Tannè wanted to create an inclusive space that champions body confidence and allows women to focus on their well-being, whether leaving the salon with a show-stopping glow, red light therapy pain relief sessions, or feeling a little lighter following a lymphatic drainage massage.


Red light therapy is the latest craze in the beauty world, and the Tannè team is clued up on the benefits of this advanced technology. Also known as low-level laser therapy or photo bio modulation, the process helps improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It can also enhance collagen production and improve skin elasticity while offering pain relief and assisting with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic back pain. Wound healing, mood enhancement and improving athletic performance are also benefits.


This trendy Palm Springs-inspired salon gets FACT’s seal of approval. If you are looking for one of the best tanning and wellness salons in Dubai, we’ve found just the spot.

Go: Call 058 5873360 or follow on Instagram for more information.

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